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 Details forAustralia Post Offices Victoria - largely complete 
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PO Name Opening and Closing Dates Status Datestamp Detail Links to Items
Acheron (1)&nocookie=128631308202041080029 PO 15/4/1876; renamed Taggerty PO 14/9/1893. Review Complete Datestamps Buy Now
Acheron (2)&&nocookie=128631308202041080029 Renamed from Acheron Lower PO 1/7/1894; closed 1/8/1974. Review Complete Datestamps Buy Now
Acheron Lower&&&nocookie=128631308202041080029 PO 15/9/1884; renamed Acheron PO 1/7/1894. Review Complete Buy Now
Acre (1)&&&&nocookie=128631308202041080029 RO 5/8/1914; closed 9/3/1915. Review Complete
Acre (2)&&&&&nocookie=128631308202041080029 RO 29/7/1921; renamed Denison West PO 10/10/1921. Review Complete
Adare&&&&&&nocookie=128631308202041080029 TO 6/7/1926; closed 1/10/1955. Review Complete Datestamps
Addington (1)&&&&&&&nocookie=128631308202041080029 Renamed from Mount Bolton PO 1/4/1889; renamed Addington R.S. PO 1/8/1892. Review Complete Buy Now
Addington (2)&&&&&&&&nocookie=128631308202041080029 Renamed from Addington R.S. PO c.1910; closed 31/1/1967. Review Complete Datestamps Buy Now
Addington R.S.&&&&&&&&&nocookie=128631308202041080029 Renamed from Addington PO 1/8/1892; renamed Addington PO c.1910. Review Complete Datestamps
Adelaide Lead&&&&&&&&&&nocookie=128631308202041080029 PO 1/8/1864; closed 23/8/1957. Review Complete Datestamps Buy Now

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