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 Details forRhodesia & Nyasaland Northern Rhodesia Post Offices 
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PO Name Opening and Closing Dates Status Datestamp Detail Links to Items
Feira &nocookie=115109006201951652152
Fife &&nocookie=115109006201951652152
Fort Jameson &&&nocookie=115109006201951652152
Fort Jameson-R.L.B. &&&&nocookie=115109006201951652152
Fort Rosebery &&&&&nocookie=115109006201951652152
Fort Young &&&&&&nocookie=115109006201951652152
Fundu &&&&&&&nocookie=115109006201951652152
Ikelenge &&&&&&&&nocookie=115109006201951652152
Isoka &&&&&&&&&nocookie=115109006201951652152
Johnston Falls &&&&&&&&&&nocookie=115109006201951652152

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