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 Details forAustralia Post Offices Western Australia - reasonably complete 
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PO Name Opening and Closing Dates Status Datestamp Detail Links to Items
Meltham&nocookie=1078763372018101214608 PO 1/12/1952; closed c.-/8/1981.
Melville (1)&&nocookie=1078763372018101214608 PO 1/7/1895; TO 13/11/1895; closed 8/3/1900. Buy Now
Melville (2)&&&nocookie=1078763372018101214608 PO 1/10/1948. Buy Now
Melville Heights&&&&nocookie=1078763372018101214608 PO 1/4/1963; closed 29/6/1985.
Melville Mil. P.O.&&&&&nocookie=1078763372018101214608 PO 1/1/1940; closed 30/6/1946.
Melville Park&&&&&&nocookie=1078763372018101214608 PO 1/7/1946; closed 24/12/1957.
melville south&&&&&&&nocookie=1078763372018101214608 Renamed from Willagee LPO 9/5/2005.
Mends Street&&&&&&&&nocookie=1078763372018101214608 Renamed from South Perth PO 10/7/1939. Buy Now
Menora&&&&&&&&&nocookie=1078763372018101214608 Renamed from Walcott Street PO 1/7/1966; closed 2/1/1980.
Menzies&&&&&&&&&&nocookie=1078763372018101214608 RO 1/3/1895; PO c.-/10/1895. Buy Now

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